Aluminum Jars
Aluminum Jars
Aluminum Jars
Aluminum Jars
Aluminum Jars

Aluminum Jars

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  • Our aluminum screw cap tins are supplied with a glued sealing plate in the lid for an optimal closure and tightness of the tin to protect your contents.
  • Some of our models can be supplied with an integrated pp insert. So the tins will have a higher quality appearance as well the advantage for an easier sealing feasibility of the tin.
  • Aluminum is an aesthetic material which offers advantages like low weight and is a corrosion-resistant material which can be used also in humid areas.
Dimensions Capacity by Volume Available with Polypro Insert MOQ
40 x 20mm 15ml 2,500
55 x 19mm 40ml 1,000
55 x 23mm 50ml 1,000
67 x 25mm 75ml 1,200
67 x 33mm 100ml 1,200
81 x 28mm 120ml 600
81  x 38mm 180ml 600
90 x 31mm 140ml X 500
90 x 31mm 180ml 500
92.8 x 42mm 200ml X 450
92.8 x 42mm 250ml 450

MOQs listed above are for non-decorated jars (silver, white and black available)

Decorated jars available with 50,000 MOQ