Abilene PET Bottles
Abilene PET Bottles

Abilene PET Bottles

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Standard Style

Capacity ABA# Height Diameter NeckSize
50ml ABA321050 92mm 34mm 18/415
75ml ABA321075 100mm 39mm 18/415
100ml ABA321100 126mm 39mm 20/410
120ml ABA321120 147mm 39mm 20/410
150ml ABA321150 ** 124mm 39mm 24/410
200ml ABA321200 158mm 47mm 24/410
250ml ABA321250 152mm 52mm 24/410

Overcap Version

Capacity ABA# Height Diameter NeckSize
30ml ABA317030 ** 101mm 29mm 18/415
50ml ABA317050 124mm 34mm 18/415
75ml ABA317075 137mm 39mm 18/415
75ml ABA317075a 137mm 39mm 20/410
100ml ABA317100 163mm 39mm 20/410
120ml ABA317120 187mm 39mm 20/410
120ml ABA317120a 187mm 39mm 24/410
150ml ABA317150 ** 164mm 47mm 24/410
200ml ABA317200 200mm 47mm 24/410
250ml ABA317250 192mm 47mm 24/410

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